12 Years Later…Still Love Being a Wedding Coordinator

Maui Wedding CoordinatorsI need to be Madonna in this business. I’ve always admired her talent of evolving her craft and look with the times. As a wedding coordinator being up on the trends is key to making each season of our brides (and now grooms) happy. Pinterest and other social media sites have brought the word “trend” to a new level. When I started in 2003, it was still about tearing pictures out of magazines. Every bride had a stack they brought to meetings and my office was full of them for reference on colors, flowers, linens and even vendors that were doing the recent and fabulous.  Boy, have times changed.

 Maui wedding plannerEvolution of the Trends

I love the color palettes that come back around. Crazy to think I’ve been in this business long enough for that to happen. Purple, for example, was HUGE when I started then became the “what? you can’t have purple!” decade and now, of course, it’s back but has to be paired with its new trend buddy “gray” to be considered stylish.

Gown trends, now this is something I love to watch. Yes, Miss Kate Middleton was the source of a major shift bringing back “the sleeve” from our moms’ closets. Thank goodness for variety! I’ve seen enough years of the strapless gown. Don’t get me wrong, this style universally looks good on every body type, but it’s refreshing to see some variation with lace, even half and cap sleeves. Color is also a trend I love to see! Blushes, golds, if you dare! Your grandma may wince, but remember it’s your day.

More Understanding as a Wedding Coordinator

My personal maturity has brought more understanding and patience for my clients. This is key for my wedding coordinator career of many hats, including the not-so-obvious roles of:  counselor, mediator, financial consultant, time manager, and Hugmuch more. Being engaged and planning a wedding is a test on anyone’s relationship, family dynamic, and nerves. My best advice is to trust the professionals you hired, keep things in perspective, and remember it is indeed one day; focus on the marriage and the days, months, years after with every decision you make. What you do, say and how you act while being a bride (and groom) can enhance or damage relationships. Keep that top of mind when you want to throw a tantrum over what your soon-to-be mother in law is wearing. Breathe.

The Hugs and Tears

Through it all, I still love being a wedding coordinator even after 100s of weddings, 100s of personalities, tears and hugs. I very much consider it an honor to partner with couples in love (and their families) on this special journey.

If I can make this often once-in-a-lifetime experience that much more beautiful, stress free, and fun for my clients, I’ve done my job.