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“Katy, thank you for that sparkle in your eye when you suggested a Maui wedding. We both saw it, and we made a split second decision to trust you and VOWS Maui. This was the most magical day of our lives, and we will always be grateful to you. Because of you, the magic seamlessly flowed from one moment to the next, and we were able to just enjoy the ride!” – Karlie & Matt Tillman


Congratulations on considering a destination wedding in paradise! Maui, Hawaii is like no other. Come and RELAX; enjoy the warmth, romance, beauty, and wonders of Mother Nature. Most importantly, escape the stresses of your backyard. Here are some great reasons to jump in (the crystal blue ocean) with both feet:

  • Less Stress – You’re on vacation when you land! Maui has a way of instantly calming you down with its relaxed pace, lovely smells, and humid air. I always feel like I’m getting a warm hug when I step off the plane. Any stress or anxiety will melt away leading up to and on your wedding day.

  • More Quality Time with Your Nearest and Dearest – Instead of just spending two minutes with each guest while greeting tables, you can have meaningful conversations and truly enjoy everyone at your wedding. We can also arrange pre-wedding group activities and excursions such as luaus, snorkel cruises, and so much more!

  • Smaller Guest List Brings Budget Flexibility – You can use the money you would have spent on hundreds of guests and put it towards treating your best friends and family. Include extra surprises like welcome bags with local Maui treats or a live performance by one of our many talented musicians or dance groups.

  • You’ll Share a Spot You Love – It’s not your hometown or his/hers. It’s a place you both love and share. Maybe Hawaii is a place you love going together or a spot you’ve always dreamed to travel. There is so much joy in sharing a special locale you love with your inner circle.

  • Stand Out from the Pack – More than 2 million American couples wed every year – and fewer than 25 percent of them have a destination wedding. Cross the ocean to our magical Island of Maui and you won’t be confined to the same spots all your friends have booked.

  • Wedding/Honeymoon Combo – Once in paradise, stay in paradise. You’re on your honeymoon the moment you say “I Do” which saves you money and time. How cool is that?